Act II: Secret Path is the second Act in Shadow Fight 2. It has 6 modes of play: Storyline fights, Tournament, Challenge, Ascension, Survival and Duel.

Act II is set in a town that is known for its fighting schools, which also includes the school of Hermit, the second demon boss. Sensei tells Shadow that he is worried about his disciple, who has left to try the new schools in this town, but he have not heard any news from him. Shadow and Sensei, accompanied by May, come to this town to find his apprentice.

Modes Of PlayEdit

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The player must go through simple fights in 24 stages one by one with a maximum of 3 rounds each and must win two rounds in each stage to score a victory. Winning rewards the player with gold coins and XP.

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Seer Daggers 500    ??? coins ???  
Velvet Sais 500 920 coins ???
Lucky Tonfas 500 1000 coins ???
Brawler Cescent Knives 500 ??? coins ???
Rogue Steel Batons 500 1350 coins 1350 coins, 15 green orbs, 2 red orbs
Seer Daggers 500 1410 coins 1410 coins, 18 green orbs, 3 red orbs
Serpent Staff 500 1470 coins 1470 coins, 18 green orbs, 3 red orbs
Lucky Tonfas 500 1560 coins 1560 coins, 18 green orbs, 3 red orbs
... (unfinished)

Challenge Edit

Challenges Unlocked after six stages of tournament, the player must go through fights with altered rules and conditions in 24 stages one by one with a maximum of 3 rounds each and must win two rounds in each stage to score a victory, unless otherwise enforced by the challenge rules. Winning rewards the player with gold coins and XP.

Enemy Weapon Challenge Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Madman Unarmed No weapon 500 1290 coins ???
Brawler Cescent Knives Weapon level 8 500 1460 coins 1460 coins, 17 green orbs, 3 red orbs
??? ??? No jumps 500 1660 coins 1660 coins, 18 green orbs, 3 red orbs|
... (unfinished)

Storyline FightsEdit

Check: Hermit for Hermit and his bodyguards further information

Shadow has to defeat Hermit and his 5 bodyguards to collect the Green seal. Shadow fights them in the Hermit's School.

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Dragon Staff 500 ???  Coins ???, 37 green orbs, 10 red orbs
Buffalo Crescent Knives 500 4010 Coins, Duel mode unlocked 4010 Coins, 38 green orbs, 11 red orbs, Duel mode unlocked
Mantis Oriental Sabers 500 ??? Coins ???
Tiger Steel Claws 500 ??? Coins ???
Crane No Weapon 500 ??? Coins ???
Hermit Twin Swords with enchantment "Enfeeble"

+ Ability "Thunderstorm" (Makes a thunder ball, hides inside of it than makes thunder attack player from sky)

2500     3 Gems     Hermit's Swords


At the completion of round 10 the player is awarded the achievement "Forester" for the completion of Survival in Act II.

Reward for completion of each round is:

  1. 200 coins (+3 green orbs)

  2. ???

  3. ???

  4. ???

  5. 1270 coins

  6. 1610 coins

  7. ???

  8. ???

  9. ???

  10. ??? (+35 green orbs)


Duels are unlocked after defeat of two bodyguards of Hermit. It has a maximum of rounds in every try; two of which are required to win. Rewards are 2 tickets and small XP. It has altered rules and conditions. It is only available to fight in every 4 hours and needs internet connection.


Sensei praises Shadow for his victory. Then, he tells the group about his disciple who left to try the new schools in "the next town". He says that the town (where Hermit's school is) is known for its fighting academies, and the group travels there.

However, when they reach the town, Sensei finds the town in ruin and is distressed. He is shocked to find only one fighting school there.

Shadow fights Dragon and wins. He reveals his malevolent intentions and his reason for training under Hermit. When Dragon is defeated, he is humbled and seems to give up on his plans.

Shadow competes in the tournament, and May introduces Shadow to Challenges after he wins six tournament fights. Shadow now participates in both events regularly, to accumulate funds to purchase devastating equipment and weaponry.

Shadow defeats more of Hermit's disciples, all the while learning more about Hermit, his school, his teachings and the disciples themselves.

Shadow encounters Sly, a shady character who offers to sell him the secret to Hermit's power. Regardless of whether or not Shadow buys the "secret", he will find out that Hermit uses arcane battle magic that is even more powerful than that of the much greater demons.

Shadow finally meets Crane, Hermit's disciple. Sensei is shattered to find out what Crane has done. When Shadow bests Crane in a fight, he comes to his senses and apologizes to Sensei.

At last, Shadow meets Hermit. Hermit invites Shadow to a battle to see if he is adept enough to please him. During the fight, Hermit holds back initially. But when Shadow shows his talents, Hermit immediately steps up his game, using extremely advanced techniques. Hermit introduces his legendary magic, firing electric bolts and water blasts. He also unleashes his own self-controlled thunderstorm which makes lightning zap the ground.

Shadow, however, defeats Hermit. Hermit is impressed, and negotiates with Shadow. He asks Shadow to visit the next town and battle a band of outlaws there, and eliminate their leader, who is none other than the murderer Butcher. He states that Butcher is after Hermit, to discover the secret to his combat prowess. Hermit offers Shadow battle magic if he succeeds.

Characters Introduced in Act: IIEdit

New Equipment and ItemsEdit